CANNABIOTIX | Cereal Milk – Cold Cure Live Rosin – 1.0g (TIER 1)


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1st tier – First wash, between 90-120 microns – this represents the best hash we offer, always made in small batches.
Within our brand new indoor cultivation facility we have built a state-of-the-art solventless extraction laboratory and dedicated two flower rooms to strains being grown specifically for rosin production. Our team loves smoking good hash which is why we’ve spent the last 2 years perfecting it. The main focus is providing a top level, single-source rosin that delivers the same elevated quality you can bank on with every CBX product. We carefully studied our entire strain catalog under LED microscope, analyzing each cultivar’s trichome anatomy, head size, and trichome density once nearing full maturity to ensure we’ve selected the ideal lineup for hash rosin. Using the scientific method, we then performed side by side experiments with different nutrient recipes to develop a new customized blend with a focus on reaching maximum levels of sugar reserves within our plants. By combining scientific tools and observational reads, we’ve found the optimal nutrient regimen to feed these beauties so that every strain is given the best chance of reaching peak terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids – ultimately, leading to a more flavorful hash experience. Our team has thoroughly investigated the “science of quality” behind the art of hashish and we’re extending our meticulous eye for excellence on each and every batch, while keeping it simple. Starting with our freshly frozen award-winning, indoor flower, we gently agitate and collect the ice water hash before pressing into live rosin. Applying low heat and pressure, we allow it to cold-cure for the squad’s preferred dabbing consistency. As everyday smokers and lovers of the craft, we are laser focused on putting out the best cannabis products we can. It is our sincere hope you’ll enjoy this hash as much as we do, cheers fam!

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