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Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections has a strong commitment to quality and consistency in their cannabis-infused products. From their inception in 2010, they aimed to set a new standard for what an edible should be, blending premium ingredients with California cannabis to create a unique and satisfying experience.


Wyld seems to embody a spirit of exploration, innovation, and adventure, reflecting the ethos of the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Their commitment to pushing boundaries, questioning norms, and embracing new possibilities suggests a culture of continual growth and evolution.

Time Machine

Time Machine Flower is intriguing, weaving together elements of science fiction and cannabis culture into a unique narrative. The idea of cannabis facilitating a journey through time and space to explore its impact on humanity is both imaginative and thought-provoking.


PlugPlay, based in Los Angeles, is a leading cannabis brand known for its cutting-edge vape products. Their flagship feature is the exceptional 500mAh battery, delivering over 350 puffs per charge. This innovation minimizes downtime, enhancing user convenience. Catering primarily to serious recreational marijuana enthusiasts, PlugPlay employs a 'plug and play' system, streamlining cannabis consumption for both experienced and novice users, offering discretion and an elevated experience.