ISLAND | Blue Banana Punch – 3.5g


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THC: 21.72%

CBD: 0.09%

The scent of Blue Banana Punch is one you’ll remember. When you open up a container of this hybrid strain, you’re hit with various sweet smells that are not only reminiscent of bananas, but of fruity mentos or smarties candies. It’s sweet and a bit tropical, and while the flavor does copy its scent, it isn’t nearly as pronounced and has a bit of pine in its undertone. The look of Blue Banana Punch often sells it. A well cultivated and cured batch will have a thick coating of crystal trichomes and the colors beneath can be an array of deep purples and blues alongside dark green. This hybrid strain is a cross between Blue Dream, Purple Punch and Banana Kush and produces effects that lean towards its indica genetics. It’s been described by some as tranquilizing.

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