WEST COAST CURE | Garlic Cocktail – Fresh Press Live Rosin – 1.0g



Garlic Cocktail Live Rosin Fresh Press: Put something soothing on your dab-tool tonight! An amber, non-alcoholic cocktail of tangerine terpenes and fresh cannabinoids, these solventless dabs have a tangy-garlic and earth nose and a strong clove-like palate. Garlic Cocktail – the strain – was cultivated by Humboldkine Farms. A legacy northern California craft cannabis producer that specializes in extra terpy, sun-grown genetics, their fresh frozen flowers are converted by WCC’s skilled hash makers into one of the best “Garlic Cocktails” you’ll ever taste. Limited, rare, citrus-centric, and intoxicating, don’t be surprised if this one sells out fast.

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