ALIEN LABS | Blue Moon Galactic Hash Gummies – 100mg


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Alien Labs cannabis-infused hash gummies with flavor asteroids.
Flavor: Blue Raspberry Coconut
10mg per gummy
10 gummies per package
100mg total
Alien Labs gummies are gluten-free, vegan, and made with all-natural ingredients and pure cane sugar. Unlike most solventless gummies, these are made with hash, not rosin. We felt that the hash provided a more complex, full-spectrum effect while also toning down the cannabis flavor a little bit. A little bit of cannabis flavor is a good thing, too much can be overwhelming. Our gummies are available in four flavors including; Cotton Cluster: Cotton Candy with Cotton Candy flavor asteroids, Lunar Orange: Orange with Vanilla flavor asteroids, Blue Moon: Blue Raspberry Coconut with Blue Raspberry flavor asteroids, and Cherry Eclipse: Cherry Vanilla with Vanilla flavor asteroids. What are Flavor Asteroids? Flavor Asteroids are our version of a nerds candy, these are embedded right into the gummy for a slightly crunchy texture and a boost of flavor.

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