KIVA | Camino Mango Serenity ‘Balance” 1:1 CBD Gummies – 100mg



When stress weighs heavy and you’re yearning to reclaim your sense of equilibrium, turn to Mango Serenity ‘Balance’ Camino gummies. The harmonious combo of 5MG THC and 5MG CBD creates a welcomed shift in your perspective- almost like discovering a hidden Zen garden landscape right in your own backyard.

THC, often associated with feelings of euphoria, plays a role in promoting balance and well-being by enhancing the activities of the Endocannabinoid System, which helps the body re-establish and maintain homeostasis.

CBD, most known for its calming effects, works synergistically with THC to promote a sense of tranquility and equilibrium without overstimulating side effects.

As you indulge in the sweet tropical flavors of ripe mango, you’ll feel the tension melt away and a wave of serenity wash over you. Mango Serenity ‘Balance’ Camino gummies empower you to prioritize your health and well-being and embrace the journey to inner harmony

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