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KOROVA | Peanut Butter Nitro Cookies – 100mg

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You know, sometimes waiting an hour for an edible to hit you just isn’t the business. Countless times I’ve eaten an edible and passed out before I even felt anything. Slept great, but I didn’t get to experience the high. Other times I wish I had eaten an edible an hour prior but know it’s way past the point. Think: work meetings that just won’t end. Wouldn’t it be great to get there in 10 minutes instead of 60?
Okay, okay, so we all know what a weed cookie is, but what’s a NITRO weed cookie? Put simply, it’s an edible that hits you way quicker than a regular edible. We call this ‘RAPID ONSET.’ So how does it do that? How does it hit you so quickly? The answer lies in the science and the magic of ultrasonic sound waves! Sound complicated? Let us explain! The process is called nano-emulsification. A big word meaning ‘small particles in a stable solution’. The sound waves hit the globs of THC and explode them into tiny, tiny droplets. Those droplets are so small they allow the THC to get into your body way faster! We infuse our cookie butter with nano THC, so each cookie is accurately dosed with 10mg of ultrafast-acting THC, ready to deliver an unrivaled experience at light speed!

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