GLASS HOUSE FARMS | Fatso – 1.0g


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At the end of a long day, you deserve to unwind. You deserve to relax. You deserve… Fatso. A cross between Garlic Cookies and Legends OG, this indica-dominant strain definitely does its impressive parents proud. Pungent and piney, Fatso welcomes you with its distinct diesel and garlicky aroma before delivering a mind and body high that feels just like the name implies: heavy. Though Fatso does hit hard, the effects come on smooth and gentle, allowing you just enough time to find a comfy position on the couch before you’re completely locked in.

Feelings: At Ease, Soft, Cozy
Flavor: Garlic, Diesel, Leather
Usage: Nightcap, Deep Relaxation, Sweet Dreams
Lineage: GMO/Cookies x Legends OG

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