PLUGplay | JUSTplay™ Ghost Train Disposables – 1.0g



Ghost Train, a powerful hybrid, harmoniously merges the genetic influences of Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck, resulting in a visually striking and intense cannabis experience. Ghost Train introduces a robust and flavorful profile with a pungent aroma carrying earthy, citrus, and pine notes. The effects are swift, initiating a cerebral rush of euphoria and heightened creativity, followed by a deep body relaxation, making it a preferred choice for evening use. For medical users, relief from chronic pain, insomnia, and stress may be attainable through this potent strain.
About JUSTplay™
The JUSTplay™ is a fully integrated cannabis, rechargeable vaporizer that delivers a seamless caliber of hits worthy of the PLUGPLAY™ name. With most brands using different versions of the same hardware, we developed our own patented design to be unique than the rest of the market. It’s the perfect discreet and odorless disposable device that eliminates mess and stress.
A spent cannabis cartridge shall be properly disposed of as hazardous waste at a household hazardous waste collection facility or other approved facility.

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